Shocking Videos Show Moment Cable Car Nosedived Into Mountain, Killing 14


Jesse Stiller Contributor
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Newly-released footage shows the tragic moment when a cable car in Italy malfunctioned and was sent backwards at high speeds before derailing and crashing into the mountain below, killing over a dozen occupants.

Italian news outlet TG3 first obtained the two new videos, released Wednesday morning, that showed the moments leading up to a cable car sliding backwards down a mountain, the New York Post reported Thursday.

The incident occurred in late May. 14 people inside of the cable car died as a result of the impact, while a 5-year-old survived the wreckage with critical injuries.

The first video shows the cable car moving up the line towards the docking station before abruptly and violently jerking backwards after a cable snapped. The car then began to slide backwards at approximately 60 miles per hour down the mountain before detaching from the remaining cables and falling to the ground seconds later, according to the New York Post.

The second video, shot inside the station, shows an engineer preparing for the arrival of the cable car as the cable snapped, sending the worker into a state of panic. (RELATED: Shocking Video Shows Boaters Rescued Just As They’re About To Tumble Over Dam)

After the cable snapped, the worker is seen stunned motionless by the event before frantically running towards the back of the station.

Italian channel RAI 3 also aired the footage, sparking outrage from viewers. The head of the channel stated that he was “deeply shocked” by the broadcast, BBC News reported. A prosecutor spoke to BBC News regarding the “absolute inappropriateness” of the decision to publish the footage in the first place.

Although it is unclear as to why the cable snapped at all, three men who are connected to the cableway company have reportedly been arrested after authorities stated that the emergency braking system had been deactivated, according to the New York Post.