Shocking Video Shows Boaters Rescued Just As They’re About To Tumble Over Dam


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A group of Texas boaters was rescued Thursday after their boat nearly tumbled over a dam, video footage showed.

The Austin-Travis County EMS responded to an emergency call Thursday about a boat “up against the dam” that looked “like it’s going to go over.”

Another nearby vessel was “attached” to the boat with rope as it was “partially over the top of the dam,” Austin-Travis County EMS said. (RELATED: Man Drowns After Falling Off An Air Mattress He Was Using As A Raft)

Austin Police eventually arrived on the scene and pulled the boat off the dam, with no one sustaining injuries. Austin-Travis County EMS released video footage of the rescue, which shows a boat with four occupants dangling over the edge of a dam as a nearby vessel appears to hold it from flying over the edge.

Police said that the electric boat was swept up in a current and unable to escape it, according to Fox 7.

“They approached the dam, weren’t paying attention, they were talking to each other,” Austin Police Department Officer Brad Smith said, according to the report.