‘My Kids Could Have Been Kidnapped’: Video Captures Man Entering Girls’ Bedroom As Family Slept


Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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A Pennsylvania woman said an intruder was captured on video climbing through her daughters’ bedroom window while the family was asleep Monday morning, WPXI reported.

Security cameras inside the bedroom captured a man moving a fan that was placed in the window, setting it on the ground, and entering the bedroom at around 2:30 a.m., according to WPXI. A few feet away, a child was seen in the video sleeping as the intruder entered the home that the family had newly moved into. Another child is also sleeping in her bed just feet away.

“My kids could have been kidnapped,” mother told WPXI. “It’s truly scary. It’s terrifying as a mom.” (RELATED: ‘This Is My House’: Naked Man Breaks Into California Mansion, Kills Pets And Swims In Pool)

The home is located in Rochester, approximately 30 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

The mother said she didn’t know why her home was targeted by the intruder, who proceeded to turn off a lamp and the cameras in the house before entering another room and stealing an iPhone, the mother told WPXI.

“I got a feeling someone was watching me so I opened my eyes,” she said. “I seen like a blurry figure walking toward the front door.”

After sensing that an intruder was in the home, the mother went to check on her children as the intruder left the home, according to WPXI. The children weren’t harmed, but one daughter was terrified that the “boogeyman came through her door,” the mother said.

The incident prompted the family to upgrade their security as police reviewed the surveillance footage to try and identify the intruder, according to WPXI. Rochester Police told WPXI they have not yet identified a suspect.