‘This Is My House’: Naked Man Breaks Into California Mansion, Kills Pets And Swims In Pool

Security camera footage of the intruder posted by CBS Los Angeles on Twitter.

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A naked man broke into a home Thursday in Bel Air, California, and killed the homeowner’s two pet birds, Fox 11 reported Sunday.

Mat Sabz received a call from his wife telling him she saw a naked man on the security cameras breaking into their home, Fox 11 reported. Sabz, who was home alone at the time, confronted the man, according to Fox 11.

“I see a man downstairs, eye to eye. Immediately I raised my voice and pointed at him saying ‘hey what are you doing,'” Sabz told FOX 11.

According to Sabz, the naked man said, “this is my house,” and then asked why Sabz was there, Fox 11 reported.

“Before I could say a word he said ‘I’m going to call the police,'” Sabz told Fox 11. “And right away I realized that this is not a person that you want to engage with any further.”

The intruder swam in the pool, tried on clothes, and then killed the homeowner’s two parakeets. (RELATED: Report: Intruder Breaks Into Johnny Depp’s Home, Takes Shower And Liquor)

“First he smiled at them like a serial killer,” Sabz told Fox 11. “He put his hands near them, dropped them, and stomped on them. The other bird knew what was going on. You can hear the bird screaming and he did the same thing with the second bird. And that kind of changed everything when we saw that he killed these two defenseless animals.”

Sabz jumped from the balcony onto his car and called 911, according to Fox 11. Neighborhood security arrested the intruder, Fox 11 reported.

Beverly Hills Police identified Paul Kiyan, 34, as the intruder. He had stolen a garage door opener from an unlocked car and is facing burglary and animal cruelty charges.