Keep Your Dog Safe On the Road With This Discounted Seat Cover

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Most households consider their pets a part of their family, and just like a loved one, you’d do just about anything to ensure their happiness and safety. Whether you’re heading out on a family road trip or are just stopping in at the dog park, keeping your dog safe in the car is always something you tend to worry about.

If your dog rides along in the car with you, a protective seat cover is a must, and this special model by Meadowlark is one of the best you’ll find around. The 4-in-1 hammock-style cover is a versatile tool that keeps your furry family members safe and your car seats nice and clean. In other words: it’s a car ride essential.

Boasting an impressive 4.6/5 stars on Amazon, the Meadowlark Dog Seat Cover is fully adjustable, allowing you to customize it to fit your specific car ride needs. In addition to providing full coverage of the backseat, doors, and headrests, the cover can also be manipulated to accommodate those that want to ride alongside their four-legged passengers in the back seat. Additionally, the protective gear can also serve as a simple bench-style cover, giving your dog plenty of room to stretch and play while sufficiently protecting the seat.

The Meadowlark Dog Seat is designed to be the only cover of its kind you’ll ever need. Built to withstand wear and tear, various weather conditions, and more, the cover’s non-slip, heavy-duty rubber mesh provides your dog with a comfortable, safe place to sit while protecting your car seat from pet dander, moisture, and beyond. And its convenient velcro openings make slipping seat belts, car seat parts, and other straps through the material quite easy.

Whether you use it to provide your pup with dependable 360-degree protection or simply as a trunk liner to protect your cargo, the Meadowlark Dog Seat always comes in handy when you’re on the road.

For a limited time, the Meadowlark Dog Seat is nearly 10% off, making it just $63.99.

Prices subject to change.


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