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Yusuf Yolasan Shares 4 Pro Tips to Enhance Your Communication Skills

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Society is built on humanity’s need for constant, efficient communication. It is a learnable skill that few have mastered more than real estate professional Yusuf Yolasan. This Turkish mogul has built a lucrative business from scratch at record-breaking speed. Here, he discusses four ways anyone can employ to enhance their communication skills and life.

  1. Have an eye for detail

One of the easiest ways to spot an expert from a novice is through their speech. “When you’re able to nit-pick and find hidden details in something that others miss, you establish yourself as an authority figure. Speak about your observations out loud, and everyone will listen” Yusuf Yolasan explains.


  1. Know the right time and place

As a working professional, Yolasan’s career depends on him having long-term relationships with his team and clients. According to him, “What you say is just as important as when and where you say it.” A person’s knowledge is reflected in what they say and when they choose to do it. It is the key to improving communication skills.


  1. Practice negotiations

Yusuf Yolasan spent years negotiating deals worth millions of dollars and has been featured in The New York Weekly, and The Influencive for his work, just to name a few. An effective negotiator will have comprehensive knowledge of the topic at hand and understand the psychology of the parties involved. He says, “Set an agenda for each meeting. Plan ahead, think about possible doubts and concerns and chalk out the best possible responses. With time, you will become a natural.” Good communication and negotiation skills are crucial for all stages of your life.


  1. Your words become your reputation

“The last but most significant piece of advice I can share is to always know that what you say becomes who you are. Be mindful of the words you choose and know that your reputation is of utmost importance in your personal and professional life” Yolasan concludes.

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