Free Cuba Protester Slams Biden, Says ‘Things Would Be Very Different’ If Trump Was In Office

Richie McGinniss on Twitter

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One protester who attended Monday’s free Cuba rally in front of the White House criticized President Joe Biden for his handling of Cuba, claiming that “things would be very different” if former President Donald Trump was in office.

“I know … politics are difficult,” the protester told Daily Caller video director Richie McGinniss. “But there’s always something you can do.”

“But there’s a choice – you can choose to act or you can choose to sit back,” she said. “And like I told another reporter, there’s a phrase, ‘what would Jesus do?’ I ask, ‘what would Trump do?’ Because I believe if that he were in power things would be very different.” (RELATED: Bernie Sanders Questioned About Past ‘Sympathy’ For Far-Left, Autocratic Regimes)

The protester said that she didn’t vote for Biden but is still asking him to take action with regard to Cuba.

“But Biden’s in power. And although I didn’t vote for him, he is there,” she continued. “So now I’m asking him, what is he going to do? What can he do, what will he do?”

“Because innocents are starting to be dragged out of their homes, young people, old people … their doors are being knocked down, they’re going in and dragging them out … so we’re just asking for help,” the protester added. “There’s always something that can be done. We’re asking for action.”

The woman was holding a sign that said “Biden, how can you sit back while innocents are slaughtered? Help free Cuba.”

A large demonstration took place Monday afternoon in front of the White House. People marched and put up banners that read “down with communism” and “freedom.” Protests against the country’s authoritarian regime have been ongoing in Cuba since mid-July, and the government began deploying counter-protesters and sent out a special task force to round up dissidents.