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Dr. Bal Raj Tops Amongst the Most Reputed Orthopaedic Surgeons Known for Their Impeccable Work

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His more than a decade old experience has won him enough accolades, and his work has been widely recognized amongst medical circles.

Some medical professionals take a step ahead and create an amazing body of work which makes them shine brighter than their contemporaries, Dr Bal Raj is one such expert who has excelled well in his career as an orthopaedic surgeon and has gained enough trust of his patients who come from all strata of life.

This board-certified orthopaedic surgeon has created a distinct mark in his field with his unique work methodologies which have always created a positive impact on his patients. He has been operating his clinics for the last fifteen years which are located in Dubai and Beverly Hills and is now on the verge of expanding his presence in more locations. He is known for his work on sports injuries, joint arthritis and extremity surgery and his hand on experience on various surgical and non-surgical techniques involving sports injuries have won him many elite clients which include politicians, athletes and many known celebrities from the entertainment industry. Celebrity endorsements are something he indulges in, and you can spot him in the one featuring Anderson Silva’s comeback of late.

What sets him apart from other professionals in business is his holistic approach which he amalgamates with modern medicines which have been seen to give maximum positive results. Dr Raj says, “We have our own treatment procedures which include our unique bedside manner and our distinct east meets west approach which makes us stand far ahead of others and also make us the most sought after experts worldwide.” Apart from running his multiple medical facilities, Dr Raj also lends his expertise as one of the leading writers of WebMD and as a consultant for ABC medical news.

When asked about what his future plans are, Dr Raj is quick to answer, “I want to establish a global presence by opening up multiple clinics at different locations which can help me attend to more patients in the near future.”

To know more about Dr Bal Raj, visit his official website http://www.drhipandknee.com.

Also, follow him on Instagram@drraj for regular updates.


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