Grandmother Catches Baby Falling 15 Feet From Window

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — User: Ruptly]

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A 65-year old Russian grandmother caught a baby she spotted dangling from a second-story window on her way home from the supermarket, surveillance video shows.

Egor, the infant, fell 15 feet before Svetlana Sanarova caught him. When Sanarova first spotted Egor in the window, she wasn’t sure what to do, but she knew standing still wasn’t an option, the New York Post reported Wednesday. (RELATED: ‘We Got A Baby Under The Vehicle!’: Two Hero Police Officers Rescue Baby Pinned Under Car)

“It would be worse if he fell to his death so I ran,” Sanarova told Ruptly news agency

“I didn’t think about any risk,” she said. “I was only afraid that he would die. And then I worried about what happened to him, until I read in the newspaper that he got away with only minor bruises.” 

The baby’s father, Dmitry Teryokhin, later said he thought his wife was watching the baby when she had actually been busy preparing a bottle.

After the grandmother saved his son, Teryokhin rushed outside to pick him up. He then tried to thank the hero with 1,000 rubles ($13.56). Sanarova didn’t want to accept the impromptu reward, according to the New York Post. Teryokhin put the money in her bag anyway.

Sanarova left the scene without giving her name. It took Novokuznetsk city police, who wanted to reward her, nearly a week of searching through local media networks to find her, the Ruptly news agency reports.