Daily Caller’s Vince Coglianese Calls Out Democrats, Defund The Police Activists For Creating A ‘World In Which Criminals Thrive’

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Daily Caller editorial director and radio show host Vince Coglianese explained how Democrats and defund the police activists have created a more dangerous society during a Friday interview on “Fox News Primetime.”

Fox News host Tammy Bruce discussed a man who was arrested for allegedly beheading his ex-girlfriend in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Alexis Saborit, 42, was charged with second-degree murder after police found 56-year-old America Thayer’s decapitated body next to her car, ABC News reported.

Saborit was convicted of domestic assault charges in 2017 and had been released on bond after he was arrested for allegedly attempting to burn down his apartment in 2020, Bruce said. She asked Coglianese to explain why crimes like these are happening in the U.S. (RELATED: Philly Police Now Required To First Politely Ask Criminals To Please Stop Doing Certain Crimes)

Coglianese said people often focus on police when talking about crime, but that “it’s not just the police in our criminal justice system that needs to work.”

“It’s the prosecutors and it’s the courts as well,” he explained. “And this beheading this week is going to place a lot of focus on the court that released this guy. Ultimately he has a couple of convictions in his past.”

Coglianese said the court doctor recommended that Saborit be held in custody because he was a threat to the community, but a judge released him anyway.

“A consequence-free world is a world in which criminals thrive,” he added. “And that is what we’ve created.”

“This is typical,” he continued. “These are criminals who get released back into the public. And then go on to commit heinous acts of violence.”

Bruce said some people are being told that the crime is a “natural progression of evil.” However, she claimed that it’s the result of defund the police rhetoric, which makes it difficult for the police to do their jobs, and soft-on-crime policies.

Cities nationwide are grappling with spikes in homicides. New York City saw a 40% increase in murders in 2020, while in Chicago, that number hit 50%. Homicides increased 42% last summer and 34% last fall across the U.S., The Daily Mail reported.