Gutfeld: De Blasio Is A ‘Worthless Sack Of Excrement’ For Allowing ‘Violent Felons’ To Roam The Streets

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld called Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio “a worthless sack of excrement” for referring to those against the vaccine as “criminals” while allowing the city’s surge in violent crime on “The Five” Thursday evening.

“I’m still thinking about Bill de Blasio, I’m sorry,” Gutfeld told his colleagues. “He called the unvaxxed ‘criminals’ as he allows actual violent felons come and go in his city, beating the crap out of elderly women. The Asian woman that was beaten on Canal St. just died in his city and yet the “unvaxxed” are the criminals.”

“He’s a ghoulish, worthless sack of excrement,” he said.

Gutfeld criticized de Blasio’s statement during a July 27 interview with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough where he called Americans against receiving the vaccine “criminals.” (RELATED: De Blasio Says ‘Voluntary Phase Is Over’ On Vaccines)

“Let me tell you, Joe, the anti-vaxxers are criminal at this point,” de Blasio said, according to a transcript. “What they are doing to this country is undermining our future. They are taking away the future of this country; because if we go back to restrictions and shutdowns, this country’s going to be in a horrible, dangerous place in terms of our lives, our livelihoods, our economy.”

The Fox News host mentioned a woman that died Wednesday after she and her son were attacked in a New York City subway, causing her to suffer fatal brain damage from falling down the stairs. Police have identified the suspect and are still searching for his whereabouts.

The Democratic mayor announced that all federal employees in the city are required to get vaccinated or be tested weekly for the virus, NPR reported.

Over half of New York City’s residents are currently vaccinated, with 54.6% having received both doses and 59% receiving at least one dose, according to NYC Health.