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Marcus Blandin: 3 Insights to Help Reinvent Yourself in 2021

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The art of reinvention of the self is one of the most underestimated and misunderstood skills an individual can possess. The ability to dig deep within yourself and draw on hidden reservoirs of strength to face the world with a brand-new face and skillset is rare and precious alchemy. Award-winning global business and wealth coach Marcus Blandin is no stranger to reinvention. He has worn many different hats–from an international speaker to bestselling author–and has built a 7-plus-figure brand from scratch. Blandin believes we all possess many strings to our bows, but the trick lies in knowing how and when to use them.

“Let’s get this straight, 2021 is the year of reinvention,” explained Marcus Blandin. “There’s never been a better time to become a new you, or an alternate way of looking at it is, the person you were born to be! The world has changed significantly today, and many people, whether they like it or not, are having to change alongside it. Yet, this doesn’t need to be an ordeal; it can be a blessing if you follow these three golden insights on how best to reinvent yourself.”

Firstly, Marcus Blandin believes perspective is everything. He explained, “You need to step outside of your shell and see how other people view you as an individual. Look at your strengths, identify your weaknesses, visualize what you want from life and the person you need to be to get there, set your goals, and get working.”

Secondly, Blandin stresses the need to surround yourself with people who are not yes men and will tell you the truth about yourself, no matter how ugly. He explained, “Reinvention is a journey, and sometimes it is going to be painful. You need other people’s perspectives to monitor your transformation and help identify where you are going wrong and what you are doing right.”

Thirdly, Marcus Blandin says that if you are averse to taking risks, you will be a failure at reinvention. He revealed, “Becoming a new and improved version of yourself is daunting and a huge leap of faith. If you’re not willing to take risks, it won’t work. Things may occasionally backfire, but if you stick with it, you’ll wake up one day to a new dawn and a new you, and the future will look more spectacular than ever.”

Here’s hoping these expert insights by Marcus Blandin help you truly reinvent yourself this year.