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Michael Bievetski’s Guide on Building Meaningful Relationships

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Clicking, otherwise known as interpersonal synchronization, is a fantastic feeling we have when we meet someone with whom we automatically hit it off. Whether in a personal or professional setting, clicking with others means that we have forged a genuine connection, one we will most likely cultivate successfully over time. Michael Bievetski is the kind of person who just clicks with people, and he explains here how you can too.

An entrepreneur and investor living in Dubai, Michael Bievetski is a consultant known for his strong interpersonal skills. “Everyone knows that in business, networking is key, but you have to make strong connections that are truly beneficial,” says Bievetski. “And building these connections are a matter of clicking. They can’t be forced.”

A native of Germany, Bievetski has traveled the world and navigates cultural differences with ease. “The trick to clicking with others lies in approaching those you have a genuine interest in, because interest cannot be faked,” explains Bievetski. “Authenticity is key to forging solid relationships.” By always being his authentic self and taking a genuine interest in others is how he manages to connect so effortlessly with others.

“Clicking feels good. It’s an energetic connection,” says Michael Bievetski. “Take the time to listen to people. Make eye contact and make them feel valued in the exchange.” When we make others feel important, it raises their confidence, making them feel comfortable to open up. A big part of how Bievetski approaches relationships is letting the other person know they are the center of his attention in that given moment.

Simple habits like learning from and connecting with others are now part of Bievetski’s daily routine. “I click with most people, because I think we all have something we can learn from each other,” he says. “I value and prioritize that in my life.” From consulting to relationships, Michael Bievetski embraces differences with open arms, thereby enriching his circle and bringing value to others’ lives.