MSNBC Brings On Katie Hill To Discuss Cuomo’s Resignation

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MSNBC brought on former Democratic California Rep. Katie Hill, who resigned from her position in 2019 over allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a staffer, to discuss Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation.

Hill decried the “double standard” between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to sexual harassment allegations. She claimed that Democrats are held accountable while Republicans get to stay in power. “I think we see now, there is absolutely no comparison,” Hill said. “It’s not even an issue. It’s excused. It’s basically pushed under the rug.” (RELATED: Katie Hill Files Lawsuit Over Nude Photos)


She said for many years the issue has been pushed under the rug from both sides but said Democrats are now taking it seriously. “And that’s the same thing we have seen for so long for all people in power on both sides,” she added. “Now we finally after decades have seen the shift on the democratic side.”

Hill explained that she decided to resign on her own, without anyone calling for it because she wanted to make sure her actions held up to the standards of the party.

“It doesn’t mean it’s going to immediately go away,” Hill continued. “We have to be on the lookout for what are — are we holding ourselves accountable? And that’s one of the big reasons I decided to resign. I can’t stand here and say that one thing is right and make sure that my actions — I need to make sure my actions hold up to that. It was a tough discussion. But ultimately I didn’t have people — it was my own decision. It wasn’t people who were calling for it. I think that’s a big difference and one we see Republicans not even coming close to.”

Cuomo announced Tuesday that he was resigning from his position after an Attorney General report revealed he had allegedly sexually harassed multiple women. His resignation will be effective in 14 days.