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Mohamad Younes on Why You Need to Constantly Adapt and Upgrade Your Skills

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Today, the importance of having more than one source of income has become abundantly clear. At the very least, people have realized that a certain amount of surety when it comes to revenue generation is necessary for every individual. According to Mohamad Younes, the only way to ensure a steady income in today’s times is to upgrade your skillset.

Mohamad Younes is the best example of someone living the American dream. After immigrating to the United States from Lebanon in 2017, he was quickly hired by Chicago’s Carle Foundation Hospital as a nurse. He already had the required expertise, having served as a nurse for 15 years while in Lebanon. But within a year, he could sense something was wrong. “I wasn’t feeling the sense of fulfillment working paycheck to paycheck that I had expected. I soon realized that it was not enough. I needed to do more,” he said. So, in his spare time, he learned how to vlog and began his YouTube channel, where he started sharing his experiences. He also started teaching nursing students how to pass their board exams through his online learning series called “NETFLIX of NCLEX”.

Teaching nursing students how to pass their NCLEX, Younes started making $3,000 a month. Today, he has changed the way the nursing education system works and has become the face of online nursing, with his platform being referred to as the “Netflix of the NCLEX Series.” He is now the wealthiest nurse in the country, drives a Lamborghini, and is easily the best at his job. His brand is associated with total commitment to the students who take his course because he really cares about them and makes learning fun.

Younes works hard every day to make changes to the nursing system. He wants to leave behind a legacy of being the face of the modern nursing industry. And the future is primed and ready to help him achieve this goal.