‘Blood Is On Biden’s Hands’: Rep. Mike Waltz Warns ‘War Is Not Over,’ Says Terrorism ‘Will Follow Us Home’

Mike Waltz on Gutfeld!. Screencap/fox news

Jack Kerley Contributor
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Florida congressman and ex-Green Beret Mike Waltz said the Biden administration’s Afghanistan withdrawal Monday night is a disaster on multiple levels.

“The war is not over, the terrorism that happens in Afghanistan doesn’t stay in Afghanistan, it’ll spread like a cancer, it will follow us home,” Waltz said Monday night on Fox News’ Gutfeld! “This is a disaster on humanitarian grounds, it’s a disaster for American credibility and it’s a disaster for counterterrorism.” (RELATED: Uzbekistan Says Afghan Refugees Can’t Stay: REPORT)

The U.S. military’s final flight out of Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport occurred at 3:29pm (eastern time) according to the Pentagon, leaving no service members in Afghanistan and marking the official end to the war.


“We’re far less safe. Future American soldiers are going to have to go back to clean up this mess,” Waltz said. “They’re going to have to fight through a terrorist army that’s loaded to the hilt with American equipment.”

Since the Taliban swept the country, the U.S. has evacuated over 100,000 people from the country, according to the administration.

“He kept his promises to the Taliban but broke his promises to the American citizens, now we’re having to smuggle them out. It’s incredibly dangerous and that blood, that blood is on [President Joe] Biden’s hands, we’re going to make sure of it,” Waltz said. “Biden left them [American citizens] behind, we’re trying to smuggle them out by other means.”

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken reportedly said there were around 100 to 200 Americans who wanted to leave. Press secretary Jen Psaki did not confirm how many were evacuated.

“I’ve been up night after night helping Americans get out, and they’re still there,” Waltz told the host. “I was on the phone with two American citizens outside of Kabul International and Biden left them behind.”