‘He’s As Unifying As A Table Saw’: Greg Gutfeld Says Biden’s Keeping Antibody Treatment From Florida For Political Reasons

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld lashed out at President Joe Biden during Friday’s broadcast of “The Five,” saying he was “as unifying as a table saw.”

Gutfeld argued that Biden was withholding monoclonal antibody treatments from Florida for political reasons and that it was part of a broader strategy to polarize the country. (RELATED: ‘More Animosity And … Division’: Greg Gutfeld Says Biden Is Painting Unvaxxed Americans As ‘The New Terrorists’)


Co-host Richard Fowler began the segment by bringing up the Biden administration’s push for coronavirus vaccine boosters for all Americans — and the FDA’s vote to only recommend them for people over 65.

“Get the shots. I did. I might get a booster shot. I don’t know. I was more interested in that other part of the story we were talking about … Withholding the monoclonal antibodies for the sake of equity,” Gutfeld said.

“If that’s true, we have a leader deliberately withholding treatments, punishing Americans because they don’t follow his orders, or just because it’s a red state. This guy is as unifying as a table saw, he sees everything as, ‘How do I split it?'” Gutfeld continued. “Send the drugs where they’re needed, not where you believe they’re deserved, you creep.”

Gutfeld went on to say that he wasn’t quite certain he was ready to believe that Biden would withhold treatments from people who needed them over politics.

“I saw the back and forth between Psaki and, and I don’t know who asked the question, probably Doocy. Juicy Doocy. She did not deny it. She did not deny it. But this is part of a greater strategy to polarize the country,” Gutfeld added, arguing that as long as Americans were distracted by partisan bickering, the problems that everyone could agree on would go by the wayside.

“If we can be at each other’s throats about treatments, vaccinations, then we’re completely consumed by our own hatred. This is the new Trumper versus the never Trumper,” he concluded.