‘More Animosity And … Division’: Greg Gutfeld Says Biden Is Painting Unvaxxed Americans As ‘The New Terrorists’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Thursday that President Joe Biden was attempting to “gin up more animosity and cause division.”

Gutfeld said on “The Five” that Biden was painting unvaccinated Americans as “the new terrorists” in his speech mandating that private businesses require the coronavirus vaccine for their employees. (RELATED: ‘Not A Good Decision’: Greg Gutfeld Says Sending VP Harris To Help Newsom Is Like Asking Charlie Sheen To Be Your AA Sponsor)


Gutfeld pointed to the part of the speech when Biden voiced empathy for Americans who were mad at those who had thus far refused the vaccines.

“The great unifier is saying all those who are vaxxed are mad those who aren’t. This is not true. It’s all there to just gin up more animosity and cause division,” Gutfeld said. “Basically, he said that the unvaxxed are the new terrorists, that’s what he did. He showed more anger toward that 80 million — this amorphous 80 million that he actually won’t specify what constitutes 80 million, which is kind of interesting. But he showed more anger toward them than the orderly and kind Taliban. The very businesslike – but he also lied, he lied so much.”

“The whole thing was he was blowing his own horn because he blew it in Afghanistan,” Gutfeld continued. “This was his way to show that maybe he is competent so he had to gin up the fear. Interesting game of saying everything is great but it could just totally go to hell in a minute and it wouldn’t be my fault.”

Gutfeld went on to criticize Biden and his administration for sowing mistrust in the vaccine when former President Donald Trump was in office and for changing public health policies because of how it affected them in the political arena.

“His government said we are not doing mask mandates as much as like three weeks ago. I’m sorry, vaccine mandates. That changed,” Gutfeld concluded. “He has basically created unlimited power. He has unlimited power. He could have private businesses fire employees.”