Protesters Chase Sen. Sinema Into Bathroom To Talk About Build Back Better Plan

[Screenshot/Public/Twitter — User: Jennifer Epstein]

Taylor Giles Contributor
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A group of protesters at Arizona State University followed Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema into the bathroom and yelled at her about the Build Back Better plan.

The protesters can be heard yelling at Sinema while walking in the bathroom and into a stall in a video posted Sunday to Twitter.

The protesters first said they wanted to talk to Sinema before she told them she was leaving. The protesters then followed her into a nearby restroom.

“We knocked on doors for you to get you elected, and just how we got you elected, we can get you out of office if you don’t support what you promised us,” one protester said in the video.

“We need the Build Back Better plan right now!” another shouted at her in the bathroom. (RELATED: Biden Claims His Build Back Better Agenda ‘Costs Zero Dollars.’ Economists Are Less Convinced)

“It’s not right,” the first protester yelled at Sinema about her lack of support for the Build Back Better plan.

Sinema, along with Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, have been openly opposed to President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion Build Back Better plan. Democratic leadership needs all Democrats to support the legislation, including Sinema and Manchin, to pass the legislation.

The protesters also yelled at Sinema about immigration while she was in the stall. “I’m here because I definitely believe that we need a pathway to citizenship,” the protester said.

The protester went on to say Biden’s proposed legislation is an opportunity to create a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.