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Krishan Arora Shares His Secret to Success and Massive Growth

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For a startup, the ability to secure funds to cover costs, pay employees, and get rolling with new products and services can be the difference between survival and bankruptcy, but traditional avenues for capital aren’t always available to new companies.

Enter: Miami-based crowdfunding experts, Arora Project. Using the power of equity crowdfunding, investor acquisition agency Arora Project has raised over $110 million to date to transform visionary startups from bootstrapped to thriving.

New SEC regulations with the passage of the 2012 JOBS Act have seen the birth of a new method for raising capital: equity crowdfunding. This method allows new companies to raise capital from anyone in exchange for stock in a company, allowing startups to bypass the restrictions of traditional VCs or bank loans. As one of the first agencies in this space, Arora Project has developed a well-earned reputation as a leading expert and fundraiser for companies pursuing this route.

Krishan Arora first realized the potential in equity crowdfunding when he was helping friends develop their own startup campaigns after college. “The strategies I used consistently helped my friends reach and surpass their goals. Campaigns that started with the goal of reaching twenty thousand were reaching anywhere between fifty thousand to five hundred thousand,” he shares.

As an entrepreneur, Krishan saw the potential for startups to overcome the huge obstacle of securing financing, so he founded Arora Project to help companies develop a cohesive strategy to raise capital via equity crowdfunding.

With a background in economics from Harvard and experience in digital marketing as an Apple representative, Krishan and his team are uniquely suited to develop and deliver impactful campaigns. He says their campaigns “take a lot of creative energy, but we have the training and resources necessary to create scroll-stopping campaigns. There are platforms you can go to when you want to raise capital, but the odds of success are only as good as your campaign. We deliver a service unlike anything else out there.”

Krishan’s goal is to connect investors to high-growth businesses so they can secure the funding they need to change the world, while allowing the everyday investor to benefit with passively generated income.

Arora Project is growing quickly, and as word of its success continues to spread, the demand for new campaigns across different platforms increases rapidly. Krishan and his team embrace the ever-changing financial landscape with innovative campaigns and immersive service offerings.

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