Rittenhouse Cries Uncontrollably While Testifying, Trial Pauses

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Kyle Rittenhouse began to cry Wednesday while on trial for intentional first degree homicide, prompting the judge to pause the trial.

Rittenhouse took the stand for the first time to recount the deadly August 2020 incident, explaining to the jury what began to transpire.

“At the Ultimate Gas Station I asked, I don’t know who he is, but I asked an individual if he could come with me and if I could have a fire extinguisher,” Rittenhouse said, noting he was called to put out a fire at a local business. “I was given a fire extinguisher … [and was told]  there’s people already down there helping to protect the business.”

“What did you do next?” the lead defense attorney asked. (RELATED: Key Rittenhouse Witness Claims He Was Asked To Change His Statement By Prosecution)

Rittenhouse said he ran toward Car Source 3 to put the fires out, occasionally stopping his run to walk and catch his breath.

Rittenhouse said he had no prior interaction with Joseph Rosenbaum, the first man Rittenhouse fatally shot.

“I didn’t notice Mr. Rosenbaum until he came out from behind the car and ambushed me,” Rittenhouse recounted, noting he also asked people if they needed medical help.

“I hear somebody scream ‘burn in hell,’ and I replied with ‘friendly, friendly, friendly,’ to let them know ‘hey, I’m just here to help I’m just I don’t want any problems I just want to put out the fires if there are any.'” Rittenhouse said in reference to his walk to Car Source 3. “I continue walking and noticed the Duramax, I noticed the backseat of the Duramax and I stepped toward the Duramax and as I’m stepping forward, I believe his name is now Joshua Ziminski, he steps toward me with a pistol and as I’m walking towards to put out the fire I drop the fire extinguisher and I take a step back.”

Rittenhouse said he then planned to leave the area but was unable to retreat.

“Once I take that step back I look over my shoulder and Mr. Rosenbaum was now running from my right side and I was cornered from in front of me with Mr. Ziminski, and there were,” Rittenhouse then breaks down in uncontrollable sobs, unable to finish giving his testimony.  “There were three people right there, that’s when I run.”

The judge immediately called a break, telling Rittenhouse to relax as Rittenhouse is seen crying hysterically and appearing to hyperventilate while on the stand.

Dr. Doug Kelley, a forensic pathologist who performed autopsies on both Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber testified Tuesday that Rosenbaum’s hand was in “close proximity or in contact” with Rittenhouse’s weapon just before he was fatally shot. Kelley also testified during cross-examination that Rosenbaum’s hand was on the barrel of the gun.

“That hand was over the barrel of Mr. Rittenhouse’s gun when his hand was shot?” Mark Richards asked.

“That makes sense,” Kelley responded, noting Rosenbaum was shot by Rittenhouse four times, including once in the back and once on the side of his head.

“The only time during the interaction in which he could have incurred the gunshot wounds to the back and to the right side of the head was when he was more horizontal, and the only time that happens is the last two gunshot wounds,” Kelley testified, explaining how the horizontal position indicated Rosenbaum was either falling or lunging when Rittenhouse fired the so-called “kill shot.”

The Daily Caller’s Richie McGinniss also testified Rosenbaum was lunging for the gun.