Woman Survives After 18-Wheeler Flattens Car

(Photo by LINDSEY PARNABY/AFP via Getty Images)

Jorge Velasco Contributor
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A woman escaped with only minor injuries after her car was flattened by an 18-wheeler Tuesday morning, according to the Seattle Times.

The 46-year-old was traveling on Interstate 5 in Mount Vernon, Washington, when she began to brake because of oncoming traffic. The 18-wheeler behind her Nissan Altima was unable to brake in time and struck the car, leading her to crash into the back of another semitruck, Seattle Times reported.

The woman’s car was completely destroyed and folded in half after the wreck.

All northbound and southbound lanes on I-5 closed shortly after the wreck Tuesday morning, Seattle Times reported. Trooper Rocky Oliphant said movement on the bridge caused the 18-wheeler to shake, trapping the woman inside her Nissan under the semitruck, according to the Seattle Times. (RELATED: 18-Wheeler Collides With Train In Fiery Explosion)

She was able to get out of her vehicle once a tow truck lifted the front of the 18-wheeler. The woman was taken to the hospital after she reported rib and head pain, Seattle Times reported.

Three people died in Texas after an 18-wheeler crashed into a passenger vehicle and immediately struck a box car late November, KHOU11 reported.