Jesse Watters Says Biden’s Approval Rating Would Be Lower Without COVID

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Sergie Daez Contributor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters said Thursday that President Joe Biden’s low ratings would be even lower without COVID-19.

“Joe Biden, the only thing keeping him in the low forties is COVID,” Watters told the other hosts on “The Five,” in reference to the President’s ratings. “You get rid of COVID, he’s in the thirties and the twenties on inflation, crime, immigration.” (RELATED: POLL: Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets To 36%)

Watters noted that Biden blamed current issues such as the supply chain crisis and spikes in crime and theft on COVID-19. “You knock out COVID, you knock out all of his excuses,” Watters argued. 


He also went after Biden for lamenting that COVID-19 had become a “political issue.”

“You remember how much mileage Joe Biden got politically by going after DeSantis when cases were high in Florida?” Watters asked. “Now cases are dead low in Florida. You think DeSantis is sitting around in the governor’s mansion hoping for a winter surge for political purposes? Of course not. Republicans don’t want a permanent pandemic. We don’t want to see Fauci on TV anymore. Republicans want Fauci in prison.”

“It’s the Democrats that want the permanent pandemic,” Watters continued. “They’re the ones who wanted to shut the schools, and the small businesses, and use the thing as an excuse to bail out the blue states, and spend trillions of dollars. Republicans don’t want cases to go up. Democrats will just use that as an excuse to grow government.”