EXCLUSIVE: Antonio Brown’s Brother Explains Why The ‘Selfish’ NFL Star Stormed Out Of Game

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After Antonio Brown appeared to quit in the middle of today’s game against the Jets, his younger brother Desmond weighed in on the former-Buccaneer’s “selfish” actions.

The younger brother of Antonio Brown and former running back for the Pitt Panthers Desmond Brown, 31, told the Daily Caller that he thinks the NFL star left the game in such a manner “because he wanted to get those incentives and realized it wasn’t going to happen.”

The former-Buccaneers receiver was nearing three incentive targets that would net him $333,000 each if he were to hit 11 receptions, 281 yards, or three more touchdowns in the final two games of the regular season. Before the incident, Brown had three catches for 26 yards.

After teammate Mike Evans tried to calm Brown down on the sideline, Brown took off his pads, threw his undershirt and gloves into the crowd, ran into the end zone, and then threw up a peace sign as he took off into the locker room perhaps for the final time of his turbulent NFL career. (RELATED: Antonio Brown Strips Down, Appears To Quit With The Buccaneers Losing To The Jets)

Desmond wondered if “maybe something happened in the locker room” prior to the game or at halftime, and thinks that his brother exhibited “a real selfish move to leave [in the] middle of the game like that though,” citing that “there’s no honor in quitting.”

The disgruntled wide receiver took to Twitter a few hours after the incident, posting a photo of himself captioned, “Super Gremlin.” Desmond pointed out that “Super Gremlin” is Kodak Black’s new song, “a rapper that’s from Florida near from where we’re from. It’s a song about being betrayed by people that was close to you.” Desmond presumes Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians was the one who Antonio thinks betrayed him but doesn’t “want to point any fingers because [he] could be wrong.” He also said he “thought AB wasn’t gonna play today because [he] thought he had hurt his ankle. So maybe that has something to do with it.”

Shortly after the game, Arians told the media that Antonio Brown is “no longer a Buc.”

Brown posted a photo of himself in his Buccaneers uniform during the game against the Jets, captioned “Big MAD (Making a Difference),” thanking the Buccaneers for the opportunity. He followed up with a Fashion Nova Men paid promotional post where he wrote, “Football is what we do, not who we are!”


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To Desmond, it “seems like he feels he was treated unfairly … and now he’s getting some type of self reflection or self awakening. He probably realizes now that it might be over for playing in the NFL because that’s what he do and not who he is.”

Antonio’s younger brother reiterated that he hopes everything works out for the NFL star-wideout.