Bravo Fires ‘Real Housewives’ Star Jennie Nguyen Over ‘Offensive’ Posts About 2020 Riots

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Gretchen Clayson Contributor
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Jennie Nguyen, cast member on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” has been fired after social media posts of her reaction to the 2020 George Floyd riots resurfaced on social media, Bravo announced Tuesday.

“Bravo has ceased filming with Jennie Nguyen and she will no longer be a cast member of ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.’ We recognize we failed to take appropriate action once her offensive social media posts were brought to our attention. Moving forward, we will work to improve our processes to ensure we make better informed and more thoughtful casting decisions,” Bravo tweeted.(RELATED: Gina Carano Says She Got Fired Because She Didn’t Go Along With The ‘Narrative’)

Comparing Black Lives Matter protesters to “thugs,” Nguyen spoke out on social media against the violence that erupted across the globe in response to the death of George Floyd, according to Page Six. In one post from September 2020, Nguyen reportedly wrote, “I’m sick of people saying cops need more training. You had 18 years to teach your kids it’s wrong to loot, steal, set buildings a blaze (sic), block traffic, laser people’s eyes, overturn cars, destroy buildings and attack citizens. Who failed who?” (RELATED: Black Lives Matter Linked To 91% Of Riots Over Three Months, Study Finds)


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After the social media posts resurfaced, Nguyen took to social media to apologize for the “offensive and hurtful” posts, but her co-stars were left “disappointed” by her “disingenuous apology,” according to People.

“I am deeply offended by the racially insensitive posts and comments,” co-star Jen Shah wrote on Instagram. “It was infuriating to see her like and repost comments that made a mockery of and showed complete apathy toward those killed marching to bring awareness to the deep-seeded (sic) social justice issues that plague our country.”

“I am sickened by my co-worker’s racist and prejudicial posts that recently surfaced,” co-star Meredith Marks tweeted. “I do not stand behind or support these posts in any way, shape, or form. I stand with and support the communities affected and targeted by this. I am deeply disturbed and outraged by her actions. Black Lives Matter.”

Nguyen, a Vietnamese American, was introduced on the show in Season 2 where her immigration to the United States was a central part of her storyline, Variety reported.

During that season, Nguyen expressed frustration with co-star Mary Cosby for admiring her “slanted eyes,” according to People. “It is insulting to our Asian culture to call me that, and it comes across as racist,” Nguyen stated. “And it’s shocking cause Mary should be more educated and understand it’s not appropriate to say stuff like that.”