Oklahoma Democratic Candidate Got Drunk At Slumber Party, Cursed At 12-Year Olds, Report Claims

Screenshot via YouTube/Abby Broyles for Congress

Michael Ginsberg Congressional Correspondent
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A Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives in Oklahoma swore at 12- and 13-year-olds and vomited on a pair of shoes after becoming intoxicated, according to several reports.

Abby Broyles, who is currently running against Republican Rep. Stephanie Bice in Oklahoma’s Fifth District, called three girls “f*ckers” during a Valentine’s Day slumber party, according to a report from NonDoc. Broyles also threw up in a laundry basket and onto one girl’s shoes, according to Sarah Matthews, the mother of one of the attendees.

“It’s so sad, because this is someone who has stood on a soap box and talked about empowering women, and rather than do that with these girls she chose to belittle and denigrate the next generation of women,” Matthews said. (RELATED: ‘The Year Of The Republican Woman’: Here’s A List Of GOP Women Who Won 2020 Elections)

Matthews told the Daily Caller that Broyles has not yet apologized for her behavior.

“I am still trying to process this,” she added.

Broyles reportedly called one girl an “acne f*cker,” causing the girl to leave the room crying. One attendee described her behavior like a “a switch and she started being rude to people.”

“Early in the evening, she had been nice,” the girl reportedly said, adding that Broyles told her, “I wasn’t going to be as successful as her.”

Broyles also reportedly called two other girls “Hispanic f*ckers” and another a “judgy f*cker.”

The host of the party said she called “every parent (of the children) in attendance the next day to discuss one on one, parent to parent,” according to the report.

The Broyles campaign did not respond to multiple requests for comment from the Daily Caller. Broyles denied attending the slumber party in an interview with NonDoc, claiming that the allegations were a “political attack.”

“I have been out of town on a fundraising trip, and they are awful and offensive and false,” Broyles said. “I mean, I get trolled on Twitter all the time, but I don’t know these women and I don’t know what is behind this, but it’s just not true.”

“I’m just telling you it’s not true, and if I were a journalist I would not be doing a story, because it’s not a story,” she added.

Broyles previously ran for Senate in 2020, losing to Republican incumbent James Inhofe.