Scarborough: Sending US Troops Into Ukraine ‘Triggers World War III’


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said Thursday on “Morning Joe” that sending U.S. troops into Ukraine “triggers World War III.”

“Any member of Congress that suggests otherwise is being reckless when they say we should send troops into Ukraine,” he said. “Anybody that’s followed it understands that U.S. troops being introduced into Ukraine triggers a world war — triggers World War III.”

The host said the U.S. needs to send aid to Ukraine, as well as coordinate with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies and nations that support democracy to do so. Scarborough also said the U.S. needs to impose the “harshest sanctions possible” on Russia and move troops into countries near Ukraine.

Host Mika Brzezinski added that “messaging this to the American people” about why “this is of vital interest” is needed, noting recent economic consequences such as rising oil and gas prices. The global price for crude oil skyrocketed to over $100 a barrel, the highest it has been since 2014.

President Joe Biden said in early February that U.S. troops would not be sent into Ukraine, saying, “That’s a world war, when Americans and Russians start shooting at one another.” White House press secretary Jen Psaki reiterated Wednesday that there is “no scenario” where the administration would deploy Americans to Ukraine to fight Russian troops. (RELATED: ‘World War’: Biden Rules Out Sending Troops To Evacuate Americans In Ukraine If Russia Invades)

The president announced the “first tranche” of economic sanctions against Russia Tuesday that included “full blocking” on two Russian banks and diminished access to the Western economy in assisting their national debt.

Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham warned Wednesday of a possible World War III breaking out if Russia, China and Iran achieve their goals. The senator said it was “clear” to him that Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning to invade more countries other than Ukraine.

“You’ll be in a third world war and you’ll have a bunch of radical Islamists with nuclear weapons,” Graham said, according to Fox News. “He is going to take the entire country over, and China is watching what he’s doing. And if Taiwan falls — that’s where all the chips in the world are pretty much made — China would own Taiwan.”