‘What I’ve Seen Is Not Leadership’: Donald Trump Jr. Rips Biden’s Handling Of Ukraine Crisis


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Donald Trump Jr. ripped President Joe Biden’s leadership regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“Of course it happened under this administration because, you know, the first thing a bully does, a bully like [Russian President] Vladimir Putin? He takes advantage of the weak, [the] infirm,” Trump Jr. said during his speech Sunday. “And no one is weaker, and no one is more infirm, than Joe Biden. All you have to do is watch him walk up a flight of stairs, but it’s worse than that … because you watch how they lead, how they govern.”

“And I’ll use lead in quotation marks because what I’ve seen is not leadership.”

Trump Jr. said Putin was influenced to invade Ukraine and Chinese President Xi Jinping might be tempted to attack Taiwan after witnessing Biden’s handling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan in August. He further argued that the conflicts did not occur under the former  administration because of “strength,” “resolve” and “balls.” (RELATED: Former Trump Officials Call Out Biden’s ‘Superficial’ Relationship With Germany, ‘Weakness’ On Russia) 

“It’s not just about that disgrace, it’s about what everyone sees,” he continued. “You think Vladimir Putin didn’t see that and said ‘excellent.’ You think that Xi over in China wasn’t saying ‘hey, whatever my timeline for taking over Taiwan was, accelerate it!’ There’s a reason it didn’t happen under Trump. People understand strength, they understand resolve, they understand balls.”

“And folks, right now, our leadership has none of those things,” he said.

He further criticized the “woke” military generals for teaching troops about “wokeness” and their reported claims that they “did not see” the Taliban’s invasion coming.

“Our Secretary of State gets up there and to paraphrase, because CNN will say that I lied about what was said, so to paraphrase, ‘we are shocked and dismayed that the new Taliban government is not as diverse and inclusive as we would have hoped.’ Who would’ve imagined, I don’t know. They sort of have a history of throwing homosexuals off buildings, they have a history of enslaving young women and children into sexual bondage. We’re shocked that they weren’t more diverse and inclusive. You know why? Because these people are idiots.”

Former President Donald Trump said Putin never would have taken aggressive action under his presidency, claiming the Russian president knew Biden’s economic response would be “weak.”