It’s Another Day, So Obviously Chelsea Handler Is Topless In Public Again


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Chelsea Handler spent her 47th birthday skiing topless while enjoying a blunt and drink. She told her Instagram followers in a post published Saturday that she was doing “all the things she love[s]” with the man she loves.

Handler sported the necessary protective gear, including a ski helmet and goggles, teal underwear poorly mismatched with American and Canadian flag nipple covers. She was also flying the American, Canadian, and Filipino flags in the fairly NSFW post. She was trailed by a topless Jo Koy on a snowmobile, who reposted the video to his social media, according to the Inquisitr.

Handler and Koy knew each other for about 20 years before they started dating, according to US Magazine. The pair regularly post intimate personal videos and photos together online from their trips, such as the one below.

Handler is consistent in using her bare breasts to celebrate all momentous occasions in her life, including that one very important time she went to see “Mad Max: Fury Road.” The world has been reintroduced to the pair in a series of Instagram posts, many of which she deletes shortly afterwards.

She celebrated President Joe Biden’s inauguration by unzipping her jacket, unbuttoning her shirt, and lifting up her bra to share her boobs with anyone and everyone who wants them. Biden owes his presidential win to Handler, at least in part, after she posted a topless PSA on voting rights in November 2020. (RELATED: Chelsea Handler Posts Completely Nude Photo Online)

Handler’s trend of posting nudes online has included everything from a bonsai tree for Maria Sharapova’s birthday, to a bottle of Belvedere and a mason jar of weed to celebrate a second date being added to her 2022 tour.