ADL Cooks Books To Conceal Black Nationalist Violence

Mark Hoffman-Pool/Getty Images

Samuel Nathan Contributor
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A recent report by the Anti Defamation League (ADL) about “extremism and murder in the United States” in 2021 conceals black nationalist violence while emphasizing white supremacy.

In their report, the ADL states that “White supremacists killed more people in 2021 than any other type of extremist, though not an outright majority, as is often the case.” The report cites 13 white supremacist killings in 2021 and two by black nationalists.

However, this conclusion arises from the ADL ignoring black nationalist Darrell Brooks who is accused of mowing down more than 60 people, and killing six who were all white, at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin in November of 2021. (RELATED: Waukesha Parade Attack Suspect Darrell Brooks Facing 71 Criminal Charges)

Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, the oldest pro-Israel group in the U.S., criticized the ADL for this blatant oversight.

“Brooks’ social media posts (documented by the New York Post and called for violence against whites (‘knokkin white people TF [the f***] out’) and knocking out ‘old white ppl,’ and retweeted that people will ‘learn Hitler was right,’ that Hitler ‘did the world a favor by killing’ Jews, that the Jews are America’s ‘slave masters.’ Brooks also retweeted that ‘white Jews know that Negroes are the real children of Israel’ – parroting the anti-white ideology of the Black Hebrew Israelites,” he wrote in the Jerusalem Post.

According to Klein, “If the ADL’s report had appropriately included the Christmas parade massacre, the ADL would have had to conclude that Black Nationalists were responsible for the overwhelming majority of ideologically-motivated extremist murders in 2021.”

When the ADL was founded in 1913, their primary objective was fighting antisemitism. Today, the ADL is one of the country’s most prominent civil rights groups. They describe themselves as “the world’s foremost authorities on extremism, terrorism, antisemitism and all forms of hate.” However, over the last decade, critics have accused it of making a sharp turn left and becoming an advocacy group for the Democratic Party’s agenda.

In 2015, Jonathan Greenblatt – who worked in the Obama administration– succeeded longtime ADL chief, Abraham Foxman, who was seen as less partisan.

The ADL did not immediately respond to request for comment on this story.