REPORT: Democratic Candidate Jessica Cisneros Had Long-Running Affair With Her Former High School Teacher, Emails Show

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Left-wing Texas Democratic congressional candidate Jessica Cisneros allegedly had an affair with her high school teacher, emails obtained by the New York Post show.

Cisneros, 28, began sleeping with her high school teacher John Balli in 2011 when she was 18 years old and he was 40, according to the Post. Cisneros was in college at the time, the outlet clarified. (RELATED: Democratic Rep. Katie Hill Denies Affair With Congressional Aide, But Not Affair With Campaign Staffer)

Balli ended the relationship and went on to marry another woman, Sandra Ramirez, the following year, the Post continued. Eleven months into his marriage, Balli received an extensive, emotionally-charged email from Cisneros in which she lamented their breakup, the Daily Mail reported.

“I’ll miss you making love to me. I’ll miss your kisses, cuddles, and snores … You were my first and my one and only, John. I’ll miss thinking I’m your one and only too,” Cisneros wrote to Balli, according to the Post.

Balli had since left teaching and became a lawyer, the Daily Mail noted.

Balli and Ramirez divorced in October 2021, the Daily Mail reported. Ramirez allegedly told her clients that Cisneros is the reason for the divorce, and that Cisneros would call Balli late at night when he and Ramirez were in bed together, according to the Post.

“I hate Jessica Cisneros. She was responsible for the break-up of my marriage. She could never look me in the eye,” Ramirez allegedly told a close friend, according to the Daily Mail. “How can she say she’s is fighting for women’s rights, including being pro-abortion, when she betrayed another woman. How can she do that?”

“It was an insane relationship because he was her teacher. She is much younger, 23 years,” she added, according to the outlet.

Ramirez said she believes Cisneros and Balli rekindled their relationship in 2019 when Balli nominated Cisneros to run against Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar in the 2020 Democratic primary for Texas’ 28th District, the outlet stated.

Democratic New York Rep. and “Squad” member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has rallied votes for Cisneros, according to Texas Public Radio. Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has also endorsed Cisneros, CNN reported.