‘Get Your Ass Out Of The Pool’: Rapper Boosie Badazz Rips Lia Thomas For Competing In Women’s Sports

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Rapper Boosie Badazz ripped biological men competing in women’s sports Monday after transgender swimmer Lia Thomas won the 500-freestyle at the NCAA Championships.

“Let them women have their glory, man,” the rapper, whose real name is Torrence Hatch Jr., said. “We let that sh*t down in 5-10 years, they’re gonna have kids gonna be big strong motherf*ckers, they ain’t turning into women and take over the sport and get million-dollar contracts. Watch.”

The rapper said women athletes do not get paid equally and that men will never understand what women go through.

“You know what women go through, man? Sit you ass down, man. Get the f*ck out of the pool, man,” Hatch said. “Get your ass out of the pool, man. You’re cheating, get your ass out of the pool, it’s not acceptable in my mind. I don’t know who agrees with me, but I’m gonna tell them ‘get your ass out of the pool, man.'”

He said women athletes have trained their entire lives, some since they were 4-years-old, and are not physically built in the same way as Thomas and other biological male athletes. (RELATED: 16 Female Swimmers Says Trans Teammate Lia Thomas Should Not Be Allowed To Compete, Fear Retaliation For Speaking Up)

Thomas won the race by 1.75 seconds on Thursday, finishing at 4:33.24. The swimmer previously competed in the University of Pennsylvania’s men’s team for three years before switching to the women’s team after the swimmer began identifying as a female. Thomas was ranked #462 nationally in the men’s team and is placed at #1 in women’s swim.

The NCAA decided not to adopt a USA Swimming policy requiring transgender women to prove they have kept their testosterone levels below 5 nanomoles per liter for 36 consecutive months before the competition. The policy also states that athletes must provide evidence to medical experts that they do not hold a biological advantage over their teammates.

Virginia Tech swimmer Reka Gyorgy, who was unable to compete in the finals, criticized the NCAA’s new rules allowing biological men to compete against females. She finished in 17th place causing her to miss the cut.

“On the other hand, I would like to critique the NCAA rules that allow her to compete against us, who are biologically women,” she wrote. “Every event that transgender athletes participated in was one spot taken away from biological females throughout the meet.”

Another Virginia Tech swimmer told a reporter Friday it is “heartbreaking” to witness a biological male dominate the sport.

“You go into it with a mindset that you don’t have a chance, if that makes sense? It’s hard to compete against someone with the aerobic capacity, the muscle development, the body of a man. It’s hard. It’s hard to think about it like that,” she said.

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