One Person Killed, Over Two Dozen Injured In Car Show Shooting. Police Arrest Suspect

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Mary Rooke Staff Writer
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Update: Police arrested the suspect, according to CNN.

A shooting at a car show in Dumas, Arkansas, Saturday left one person dead and 27 people wounded.

At the annual Arkansas car show organized by local community organization Hood-Nic, 27 people were injured, including six children between the ages of 1 and 11, CBS 11 reported.

Arkansas State Police spokesman Col. Bill Bryant said at a Sunday news conference that the shooting, which happened around 7:00 p.m. CST and involved two gunmen, is “shocking” to their small community.

Police identified the person that died at the car show as 23-year-old Cameron Shaffer.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with this family and also with all the families and our shooting victims as a result of this incident,” Bryant told reporters. Shaffer was not an active shooter in the gunfire that took his life, according to police.

Arkansas State Police believe the violence was not intended to be a “mass shooting.” The police are searching for the two individuals who exchanged gunfire and who police believe are responsible for this tragedy. (RELATED: Young Police Officer Dies, Another Wounded After Shootout With Suspect At Missouri Motel 6)

Among the 28 injured, six victims who were minors were taken to Arkansas Children’s Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, the hospital’s media relations manager Hilary DeMillo told CNN.

“Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock received six patients under 18 with gunshot wounds from the incident, none fatal,” DeMillo told the outlet. “Most of the patients have been treated and released.”

One of the children shot at the Dumas car show was 1-year-old Angelo Ussery Jr., reported CBS 11. Ussery Jr.’s father, Angelo Ussery Sr., told the outlet he got a call from his son’s mother letting him know his son has been shot in the leg and was being rushed to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

“I didn’t know my son was down there with his mom until after I heard the gunshots,” Ussery Sr. told CBS 11. “My son’s mom said she was shot. He has an older sister too; she’s eight. She was hit too.”

Ussery Sr. said he was “relieved” to hear his son would be ok and receive surgery Sunday morning, CBS 11 reported.

The Dumas car show has been going on for 16 years, and the event has never had violence like this before, Khanesha K., a member of Hood-Nic, told CBS 11.

“For people to come and commit the crime that had nothing to do with here. For those babies to be hurt. To do it in front of elders, those kids, our grandparents. Pregnant women. Everybody. They had no regard for everybody’s life,” she told the outlet.