MSNBC Op-Ed Roasted For Claiming Fitness Is ‘Central’ To Fascism

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Dylan Housman Healthcare Reporter
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An MSNBC op-ed is getting viciously slammed online for claiming that fitness has been co-opted by the far-right, and that working out is “central” to fascism.

Cynthia Miller-Idriss, a professor at American University studying polarization and extremism, wrote that the far-right has taken advantage of the pandemic trend of at-home fitness to further expand its radicalization efforts. She cited research on alleged “fascist fitness” chats where young men are lured into communities to discuss fitness only to be inundated with fascist messaging later on.

“Physical fitness has always been central to the far right. In ‘Mein Kampf,’ Hitler fixated on boxing and jujitsu,” Miller-Idriss wrote. “The intersection of extremism and fitness leans into a shared obsession with the male body, training, masculinity, testosterone, strength and competition.”

She also said fitness appeals to right-wing extremists for many reasons, including embracing solidarity, heroism and brotherhood. Only in the second-to-last paragraph did she acknowledge that working out is also a positive activity for many non-fascists as well.

The argument was not taken well on social media. The MSNBC tweet sharing the op-ed was “ratio’d,” garnering thousands of mocking responses. (RELATED: Daily Caller Reporter Asks Why Biden Admin Doesn’t Stress Living Healthier Lifestyles. Psaki Starts Talking About Masks)

“Wtf, i did 10 pushups and now there’s a swastika tattoo on my shoulder,” tweeted one respondent. “There’s definitely something to this in my opinion. The other day I took a brisk hike at my local nature preserve and before I knew it I had invaded Poland,” joked another.

Iconic world champion bodybuilder Phil Health chimed in, blasting MSNBC for politicizing fitness: “Ok Guys now you’ve done it. Now you’ve literally politicized something which should have been left alone. Good job guys you morons.”