‘You’re Ducking’: Sean Hannity Spars With Tulsi Gabbard Over Assisting Ukraine In Defeating Russia

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News host Sean Hannity sparred with former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard as he repeatedly asked a question about assisting Ukraine.

Hannity asked Gabbard on Thursday whether the U.S., in accordance with the Reagan Doctrine, has a “moral obligation” to defend and uphold a foreign country’s “natural rights.” She replied that the U.S., notably President Joe Biden, had a role to prevent the war in the first place.

“I agree with that, but I’m looking at where we are now,” Hannity interjected. “What you see with your own eyes and what we’re showing every night, is there a moral obligation and is it wise and strategically beneficial to the world, and including the United States, to stop this megalomaniac, murdering thug right here, right now, with the Ukrainians willing to fight if they only have the weapons?”

“We have to look at the world as it exists in reality, not as we wish it existed,” Gabbard said.

“You’re ducking, Tulsi, I’m asking a real question here,” Hannity interrupted. She said Russia is “out-equipped” with weaponry and nuclear weapons, leading Ukraine’s victory to be unrealistic.

“So I want to be clear, your position is give them nothing because Russia has nukes and they might use them. That’s your answer?” Hannity pressed. (RELATED: Sean Hannity Suggests The US Should Assassinate Putin) 

“We’ve provided tremendous support to Ukraine not only now but over the years, so that they have the ability to defend themselves and the Ukrainian military- ” Gabbard began.

“Should we give them the weapons so they can- you’re not answering. Should we give them the weapons to win the war? They’re doing a great job, everybody acknowledges that. Should we give them all — and Europe too — give them the weapons if they’re willing to fight for their country?”

Gabbard said it is “not strategically possible” for Ukraine to win the war, to which Hannity argued that she is afraid of Russian President Vladimir Putin using nuclear war. He then said that Russia’s use of nuclear weapons would radiate North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries and therefore trigger Article V of the NATO Agreement.

The former Democratic candidate said leaders must face reality and negotiate an outcome. Hannity argued Putin does not want any form of negotiation with the U.S. and NATO allies.

“So when you see images of dead women and children and neighborhoods blown out, you do not think we should provide them the weapons to defend themselves,” Hannity said. “I just want to know, yes or no.”

“You’re missing my point here, Sean, which is you got to know what we’re trying to accomplish which is an end to this war,” Gabbard replied. “It is cruel to make the Ukrainian people believe that somehow they are going to win this war by prolonging it, that’s what you’re talking about, here. It would prolong this war, prolong this suffering and end up causing more lives lost in the end.”