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How Emir Ceric is Stirring-Up a Cybersecurity Revolution

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Cybersecurity is becoming a much more important part in the lives of many consumers. Data breaches resulted in 36 billion records being exposed to hackers in the first three quarters of 2020, and cyber-crime costs organizations $2.9 million every minute. So how can you keep your account secure? Emir Ceric and his business Meveto are here to help.

Emir Ceric is the CEO and Founder of Meveto, a passwordless authentication solution. “Stolen passwords are a huge problem for the average person, even if they don’t realize it,” said Emir Ceric. “Most people don’t even know that their passwords are stolen until something bad happens, leaving them completely unprotected.” Passwords are responsible for 81% of data breaches, and Ceric knows how important it is to fix that. Billions of people get their account information stolen every year, and if you have one password that gets stolen, hackers can easily use the same combination in other sites to hack you further. Identity theft and stolen credit cards can be a huge financial hardship for the average person, so it’s important to eliminate breaches as much as possible.

Meveto allows you to log into many sites without a password and can be integrated into many different websites and applications, including Google Suite, Adobe Suite, and Zoom. It doesn’t require you to reset your passwords or remember every single one. Instead, you can be logged in securely with just one click. This technology is revolutionary and has never been done quite this way before. “I knew using Meveto needed to be simple and even easier to use than an old password,” Emir Ceric said. “Accessibility is a huge goal of ours, and I think it will bring us even more customers in the future.”

Overall, Emir’s hope for the future is getting rid of passwords completely. “People don’t store their passwords correctly and reuse them,” said Emir Ceric. “We would be much more secure in a passwordless world.” Until then, he wants Meveto to be usable for every site on the web. He is working to improve Meveto as much as possible and market it to people who need it right now as the internet adjusts.

Cybersecurity is a huge industry, and more passwords are being stolen every day. As the popularity of Meveto grows with the help of Emir Ceric, more and more consumers will be able to protect themselves fully online.

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