REPORT: Mother Says She ‘Don’t Want’ Her Children. Police Arrive To Find Toddlers Tied Up And Dead

(Photo by ANDRI TAMBUNAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A woman in Miami was arrested Tuesday night in connection with the deaths of her two infant children.

Odette Lysse Joassaint, 41, allegedly told police officers to “come get them, I don’t want them anymore,” referring to her children, aged 3 and 5, according to ABC News. Police responded to the scene after repeated hang-up calls to 911 from Joassaint’s apartment, the outlet continued.

Officers found the two children lying in a prone position on a bed, their arms, legs and necks tied, ABC reported. Efforts were made to resuscitate both children, but they were pronounced dead by Miami Fire Rescue, ABC continued.

Police noted that Joassaint appeared to be irrational, and she was charged with two counts of murder, the outlet reported. She admitted to tying up the children and strangling them with a red ribbon, according to the arrest records cited by the NY Post. (RELATED: Dolphin Attacks Trainer In Miami)

“Officers located to find out what was going on when they found a female that appeared to be irate or going through a crisis. Officers looked inside the apartment, where the calls were coming from and observed two minor children that appeared to be unresponsive. Fire rescue was called to the scene and they declared that both children were deceased,” Miami Police officer Michael Vega said, according to 7News.

A woman claiming to be the children’s godmother told 7News that Joassaint was suffering from mental issues. Joassaint apparently reiterated this claim to detectives, saying that she was having financial and mental issues, and that the children were suffering while under her care, the NY Post reported.