Daily Caller Explores The ‘Conservative Climate Conundrum’ In New Documentary

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/Public-User: Daily Caller

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The Daily Caller released a new documentary that takes a deeper look at climate change as it relates to conservatism.

The documentary, entitled, “The Conservative Climate Conundrum,” features conservative environmentalist and president of the American Conservation Coalition (ACC), Benjamin Backer. In the documentary, which is available via the Daily Caller’s YouTube channel, Backer interviews both climate scientists and climate change skeptics to understand what climate science actually says and why that matters for conservatives.


“There’s a lot of power in controlling the narrative and what we need to find out is do these two climate skeptics and the movement they represent deserve to control the narrative?” Backer said in the documentary. Backer spoke with reported climate skeptics, Marc Morano, founder of Climate Depot and James Taylor, the president of the Heartland Institute.

“You do believe in climate change being human caused, you just, to clarify, you don’t believe that it has an existential threat on society,” Backer asked Taylor.

“Well, I believe that humans and particularly carbon dioxide are having some impact and are adding to a warming trend,” Taylor responded. “Really, if you go back to the 1700s, we’ve been in a warming trend since then,” he later added. (RELATED: Twitter Rolls Out ‘Pre-Bunk’ Feature To Counter Climate Change Denial)

Dr. Kerry Emanuel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) shared a different perspective with Backer.

“Civilization all around the world is extremely finely adapted to the remarkably stable climate that we have had in the last 7,000 years, and if you changed it much, in either direction, it doesn’t matter if you made it a lot colder or a lot warmer, it’s gonna be disruptive,” Emanuel said.

A United Nations (UN) report published in 2021 indicated that humans are “unequivocally responsible for Earth’s warming” and that temperatures would likely continue to rise until at least the mid-century, signaling a “code red for humanity.”

President Joe Biden announced a team assembled to combat climate change when he was elected in November 2020, dubbing issues surrounding climate as a “crisis.”

In addition, the Associated Press (AP) announced it had secured funding from a variety of progressive special interest groups to dedicate more coverage to climate change in February 2022.