REPORT: Bill Murray Under Investigation For ‘Inappropriate Behavior’

(Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Bill Murray is reportedly at the center of an ongoing investigation after allegations of “inappropriate behavior” forced the suspension of his upcoming film “Being Mortal” Monday.

A complaint filed last week led to the halt in production, according to Deadline. A letter issued by Searchlight Studios has reportedly served as the official notice of the movie’s suspension for all associated cast and crew members of the film.

Seth Rogen was set to co-star alongside Bill Murray in “Being Mortal,” and comedian Aziz Ansari was poised to make his directorial debut, as well as starring in the film and lending his talents as a writer, according to Deadline. At this time, the two veteran comedians have not been named as part of the complaint filed against Murray, the outlet noted.

Details pertaining to Murray’s alleged “inappropriate behavior” remain unclear at this time, as does Murray’s potential future involvement in the movie, Deadline reported. (RELATED: ‘I Was Ready To Die’: Bill Murray Says A Painting Stopped His Thoughts Of Suicide)

The 71-year old “Saturday Night Live” alum has faced allegations of misconduct in the past, including a complaint by actress Lucy Liu about “unacceptable” comments Murray allegedly made during the filming of “Charlies Angels,” according to Yahoo.

Other notable instances include Murray’s physical altercation with Chevy Chase in 1978, according to Entertainment. An ashtray-throwing incident also allegedly transpired between Murray and actor Richard Dreyfuss while filming “What About Bob.” This altercation led to Dreyfuss referring to Murray as a “drunken bully,” according to Yahoo.

Principal photography for “Being Mortal” had begun March 28, and the film was originally scheduled for release in 2023.

Representatives from Searchlight Studios have been unable to provide further details at this time, as the investigation remains ongoing, according to Deadline.