Woman Survives On Yogurt And Snow While Stranded In Forest For 6 Days

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Kevin Harness Contributor
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A woman survived on yogurt and snow while she was stranded in a California forest for six days.

Little Valley residents Justin Lonich, 48, and Sheena Gullett, 52, were driving on dirt roads on April 14 when their car reportedly got stuck in a patch of snow, according to a Facebook post from the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO). (RELATED: REPORT: Men Find Naked Fugitive Clinging To Branches Over Crocodile-Infested Swamp, Prisoner Lived Off Snails For 4 Days)

The pair spent the night in their car until the battery died the next morning. They then proceeded to Highway 44 on foot, according to the post.

The two got separated along the way when Gullett’s boots began falling apart. When Lonich noticed that Gullett was falling behind, he went back to look for her but lost her due to heavy snowfall, the LCSO said.

Lonich set up shelter and a campfire for the night. He then continued walking until he reached a gravel road and set up camp again for the night, the post read.

He eventually made it to Highway 44, where he hitched a ride into Susanville to report what happened and that Gullet was missing, according to the LCSO.

LCSO deputies, sergeants, detectives, U.S. Forest Service personnel, and California Highway Patrol were searching for Gullet on the ground and from the air, but they were unable to find her due to the weather conditions, according to the post.

However, Lonich, an LSCO deputy, and two US Forest Service personnel searched the ground for several hours until around 3 p.m. on April 20 and found the vehicle. She reportedly survived by rationing a six-pack of yogurt and getting water by eating snow, the LSCO said.

Gullett was then taken to Bogard Ranger Station for a medical evaluation.