Liberals Upset That People Enjoy Norse Movie Without Disney Levels Of Diversity


Kay Smythe Commentary Writer
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The left-wing media has eyes rolling as they attempt to argue that the historically-, biologically-, and sociologically-accurate hit movie “The Northman” is the “kind of movie that the ‘alt-right’ loves.”

Robert Eggers-directed flick “The Northman” portrays 10th-century Viking society, a time dominated by warriors, strength, and the brutality necessary to survive frozen winters and violent summers. The plot is a “retelling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet,” and follows Alexander Skarsgård’s character as he avenges the death of his father in a classic hero’s journey.

It also provides an inherently accurate portrayal of Viking society. Skarsgård told Time that, “the goal was to try and give an accurate depiction [of the Viking Age] and go a bit deeper into the mythology. We wanted to stay away from clichés when it comes to the Vikings and actually get to know the real characters behind those clichés.”

Or, as one scathing reviewer from the Guardian wrote, “men do the ruling and killing: women do the scheming and baby-making.” Like, duh? Human history is defined by men being manly and women being the only birthing people. Contrary to woke opinion, men can’t have babies, not that I’m a biologist or anything, so having kids kind of falls on female shoulders.

It gets worse: apparently leading lady Anya Taylor-Joy is “the far-right male’s dream woman” because she is “beautiful, fair-haired, loyal to her man and committed to bearing his offspring.” Obviously, there’s nothing women love more than being told that raising future generations — literally the most important thing we do — and being attractive and supportive isn’t enough.

We must want more! A man is telling us to want more for ourselves, ladies! We must obey. (RELATED: Major Cities Lost Billions From COVID-19 Lockdowns)

After shaming women for being able to have children, be wives, and run a home, the writer goes on a borderline racist rant about Viking historical aesthetics. He describes Skarsgård as “bare-chested pumped-up with battle rage, wearing a wolf’s pelt as headgear,” before saying this was “uncomfortably close” to the aesthetic of Jake “QAnon Shaman” Angeli.

Yep. He compared Viking history to QAnon. This journalist probably just skimmed an article published by the Daily Mail that details how some alt-right people on Reddit and 4Chan like the movie. The same Daily Mail article draws connections between a handful of alt-right terrorists and ancient Viking culture, so the Guardian probably based their entire review on that alone.

Whatever these liberal outlets think, “The Northman” already received an 89% rating on Rotten Tomatoes after its opening weekend. Most people are enjoying it and don’t feel the need to point out how historical fiction doesn’t fit with their personal ideologies.

What’s next? Complaining that the velociraptors in the new Jurassic World movie aren’t accurate? (They’re not). If you’re capable of suspending reality for a minute, you can watch “The Northman” trailer here: