New York Times Wants A Reporter Dedicated To Making ‘Right-Wing Media’ Look Like ‘Extremists’

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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The New York Times is seeking to hire a reporter who will cover “right-wing media” and “inhabit corners of the internet that popularize far-right or extremist ideas.”

The newspaper is searching for a politics reporter with a concentration in right-wing media to report “critically and fairly on people with extremist views.” The job description said it is searching for a candidate to analyze aspects that “popularize far-right and extremist ideas.”

“The New York Times is seeking an experienced, ambitious and motivated reporter to cover the news outlets, online communities and influential personalities making up the right-wing media ecosystem that now serves many conservative Americans who no longer rely on the mainstream media to inform themselves,” the job description wrote. “The ideal candidate is resourceful, persuasive and prepared to inhabit corners of the internet that popularize far-right or extremist ideas, providing our readers with a critical listening post on those ideas before they achieve wider circulation.”

“Prerequisites include the backbone to withstand aggressive blowback, impeccable journalistic ethics and the ability to report accurately, critically and fairly on people with extremist views,” the description added.

Below the job description, the Times described itself in bold letters as a paper dedicated to a “diverse and inclusive workforce” encouraging women, veterans, people of color and “gender nonconforming” people to apply. (RELATED” ‘It Far Exceeds Their Standards’: Tom Cotton Criticizes NYT For Apologizing ‘In The Face Of The Woke Mob Of Woke Kids’ Over His Op-Ed)

“Our journalism and the products we build in the service of that journalism greatly benefit from a range of perspectives, which can only come from diversity of all types, across our ranks, at all levels of the organization,” the paper wrote. “Achieving true diversity and inclusion is the right thing to do.”

The newspaper has shifted to the political left in recent years, to the extent where they called the American flag “divisive” in a 2021 article titled, “A Fourth of July Symbol of Unity That May No Longer Unite,” indicated that it is a symbol of a conservative political affiliation given that “supporters of former President Donald J. Trump have embraced the flag so fervently.”