Joe Rogan Shares Powerful Thoughts About The Johnny Depp/Amber Heard Trial


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Joe Rogan shared his thoughts about the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial during a powerful episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

“It’s a cautionary tale about believing in bullshit, like, forming a narrative in your head like ‘we’re rebels together,'” he said, throwing his support behind Depp in the defamation trial, according to “The Joe Rogan Experience” video posted Tuesday to YouTube.

During Rogan’s conversation with Jessica Kirson, he described the ongoing Depp/Heard saga, saying, “You’re seeing all the crazy come out.”

Rogan and Kirson tackled the topic of the feces Depp found in his bed, which Depp claims was human fecal matter that Heard or one of her friends had placed there, according to Insider.

Rogan referenced the fecal incident as being “hard to forget,” and shared a few laughs with Kirson over the subject matter, according to the video.

Rogan then called Heard out for claiming that she had used a specific makeup product to conceal bruises caused by Depp, according to the video. “She said she used this specific makeup to cover all of her bruises, that Johnny gave her, which is not true,” said Rogan, according to the video.

“Well, the problem is it was a specific makeup and it turns out that the company didn’t even make that makeup at the time she was claiming she was using it,” said Rogan, according to the video. (RELATED: Failed Attempts To Cancel Joe Rogan Allegedly Result In An Additional 2 Million Subscribers)


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Rogan claimed Heard was “manipulative and full of shit” and addressed the complexity associated with the instant fame that Depp experienced at a very young age. “He was famous when he was 20, and I don’t think you get any kind of perspective like that, I think you’re f*cked,” he said, according to the video.

“It’s like making cement but you don’t add in all the ingredients and its like, ‘oh it never cured right,'” said Rogan, speaking of Depp’s challenges with fame.

Rogan also called out Heard for admitting to hitting Depp in an audiotape presented in court. “There’s something wrong with her, like, there’s something wrong. There’s some sort of, like, mental issue,” said Rogan, according to the video.