Gates Claps Back At Musk, Talks Epstein, Vaccines And Conspiracies

[Screenshot/Twitter/Public User: BBC Radio 4 Today]

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The BBC released an interview Wednesday with billionaire Bill Gates where he discussed conspiracies about him, his meetings with Jeffrey Epstein and fellow billionaire Elon Musk.

Gates told the BBC that “there’s no reason for [Musk] to be nice to me.” The Microsoft founder was once the wealthiest man in the world, but Musk’s net worth has since surpassed his, the BBC noted. The two men have publicly clashed over several years.

Musk accused Gates of shorting his electric car company Tesla in early May, saying that the action was damaging to Gates’s environmental credibility, Bloomberg reported. Gates explained that his choice to short Tesla stock was a means of “diversifying” his financial portfolio and that it had “nothing to do with climate change,” the BBC continued.

When asked what he thought of Musk’s Twitter purchase, Gates said, “You know, Elon, I guess it’s possible Twitter could be worse. But it also could be better… So I have a wait and see attitude.” (RELATED: Melinda French Gates Describes Meeting Jeffrey Epstein)

The conversation at one point turned to how social media has been used to spread conspiracy theories about Gates, the BBC continued. “In some ways, you almost have to laugh because it’s so crazy,” he said. “I mean, do I really want to track people? You know, I spend billions on vaccines, I don’t make money on vaccines, vaccines save lives.”

Conspiracy theorists have also yelled at Gates in the street, the billionaire told the BBC. “Only recently I’ve been out in public, [and] some people yell at me that I’m tracking them. And that, that’s an awful thing,” he continued.

Gates was also questioned about his former connection to deceased convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. In March, Gates’s ex-wife Melinda French Gates told CBS that she had “made” it “clear” that she did not like him meeting with Epstein.

Gates reiterated that meeting with Epstein was a “mistake,” saying, “I made a mistake ever meeting with Jeffrey Epstein. You know, maybe her [Melinda’s] instincts on that were keener than mine. Any meeting I had with him could be viewed as almost condoning his evil behavior. So, that was a mistake,” according to the BBC.

The full interview is available on the BBC website. You can watch it here.