‘I’m Gonna Beat Your A**’: Charles Barkley Says He Knows How To Deal With Unruly Fans

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Charles Barkley explained his desired method for dealing with difficult fans during a panel conversation Sunday on “NBA on TNT.”

Barkley’s comments came in the wake of increasingly frequent negative interactions between fans and various NBA players, according to Fox News. “I’ve always said, ‘Hey, we can put an end to all this stuff. Some of the stuff these fans say, let’s take them right down to center court for five minutes,'” Barkley told the panel, including fellow Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. “I’ve always said that. Some of the crap they say to you, hey, just give me five minutes in center court with them.”

“You ain’t gonna press no charges… ain’t nobody gonna be sued civilly,” Barkley continued. “Say what you just said to me, right to my face, right here for these five minutes and I’m gonna beat your ass, beat the Hell out of you.” His fellow panelists, including O’Neal, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson, appeared to laugh at Barkley’s comments.

“It would take you five minutes?” a panelist asked between giggling.

“Oh, I would take my time. I’m not going to beat them up quickly,” Barkley clarified. “I’m gonna jab them a little bit. Then I’m gonna lay the haymakers on their ass.” (RELATED: Nets Fined $50,000 By NBA For Letting Unvaccinated Pro Into Locker Room)

Dallas Mavericks fans allegedly got into a physical altercation Sunday with Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul’s family, including his mother and wife, prompting the “NBA on TNT” conversation. The fan was removed from the game after the altercation, according to ESPN, but Barkley appeared to argue that unruly fans are a consistent issue for NBA players.