‘Help! Help! I Don’t Know What To Do!’: Livestreamer Almost Burns Down Kitchen While Talking To Viewers


Kay Smythe Reporter
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A Twitch streamer almost burned down her kitchen while trying to teach her viewers how to cook Wednesday.

The streamer, who goes by the handle KJaneCaron (also known as Kelly on Twitter), was attempting to cook what appeared to be some type of meat on her electric stove when a fire broke out in the now-viral clip. Kelly was in the middle of a “subathon” when the pan she was using overheated and caught fire, according to Dexerto.

Kelly attempted to put out the fire with water, which spread the flames across her stovetop. She then started yelling, “oh shit, oh fuck, oh fuck,” before running off screen and yelling “I don’t know what to do! Help! I don’t know what to do!” (RELATED: ‘Are You Kidding Me? This Is Crazy’: Scientists Stumble Upon Never-Before-Seen Underwater ‘Road’)

Reddit users reportedly responded with a mixture of “sympathetic and belittling” comments on the incident, largely related to how Kelly handled the grease fire, Dexerto reported. One user wrote, “swinging the pan around while its on fire and full of oil, lmao,” while another said, “she’s lucky that she didn’t manage to open the tap.”

Kelly later posted on her Instagram story that she was fine and that the local fire department came to help, according to Dexerto. She captioned the picture, “yes i’m okay just burned my hand a little and the fire department came nbd.” She reportedly pushed users to share the clip and ended the stream by saying, “well yeah, if I’m gonna fuck myself up, at least let me exploit it.”