‘There’s A Lot Of Sh*t About That Day That’s F**ked’: Joe Rogan Talks Jan. 6

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Joe Rogan said Thursday that those who compare the Jan. 6 Capitol riot to World War II or Pearl Harbor are “just a bunch of morons” while discussing free speech with podcast host Bryan “Hotep Jesus” Sharpe.

The pair was discussing free speech on Twitter when the conversation transitioned to Jan. 6.

“To say that that is like World War II, that it’s like Pearl Harbor or it’s like D-Day or that’s like Sept. 11, this is crazy talk, that’s just a bunch of morons. It’s a disaster, it looks horrible, definitely need to clean that up, definitely should have had more security,” Rogan said. “There’s a lot of shit about that day that’s fucked. Like the cops opening up the gates, letting people through, like what is that all about?”

“ANTIFA being there,” Hotep Jesus jumped in. (RELATED: Hidden Video Captures NYT Reporter Calling Coverage About Jan 6 ‘Overblown.’ Fake Trauma, Fake News, Full Of ‘FBI Informants’)

“Yes. How about the fucking known FBI agents who were inciting violence? They were telling them, ‘You’ve got to get in there, we’ve got to take what’s ours.’ They had people that were there, for a fact we know that,” Rogan said.

“The fucking FBI!” Rogan exclaimed. “Imagine, the FBI themselves trying to get people to do shit that’s illegal so they can arrest them.”

“Well, that’s what they do best,” Hotep Jesus said.

“They’re so good at that!” Rogan joked back.

The House select committee investigating the Capitol Riot squashed a theory that the FBI helped incite the riot. The theory alleged a man named Ray Epps, who was seen on video encouraging a crowd to “go into the Capitol,” was actually an FBI agent. The committee said the allegations were untrue, according to CNBC.

“Jan. 6 I thought was beautiful, man,” Hotep Jesus said.

“Why’d you think it was beautiful?” Rogan asked.

“It’s like, the white man going to get him some freedom, as Uncle Hotep would say,” Hotep Jesus said, as Rogan burst into laughter.

“You know on my channel I always talk about, like, I’m looking for the day for the white man to get on his horse, grab his musket and just bring us back, give us some freedom again,” he continued. “Right? Like, where is that white man? It seems like we’ve been neutered, right? And it’s just, I know as a black man that if the white man ain’t free I’m definitely not free.”

Days before the Capitol riot, both the Pentagon and the Department of Justice offered to send reinforcements to aid the Capitol Police who declined both agencies’ efforts.

At least 6 Capitol Police officers were suspended in the weeks following the riot, and dozens more were under investigation after video footage appeared to show the officers escorting some of the rioters inside the Capitol building, according to NPR.