Arby’s Night Manager Allegedly Urinated In Milkshakes For Sexual Gratification

JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

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A Washington man under investigation for child pornography told police he urinated in milkshake mix while serving as the night manager at a Vancouver Arby’s.

Stephen Sharp was contacted by police May 10 and admitted to downloading and distributing child pornography in an interview and expressed a “sexual interest” in children, KGW8 News reported.

An initial search of Sharp’s phone and digital devices revealed “dozens of photos and videos depicting the sexual exploitation of children,” according to The News Tribune.

During that search, investigators discovered a video depicting Sharp peeing into a container that was later confirmed to be a milkshake mix from Arby’s, Newsweek reported. Sharp told detectives he urinated into the milkshake mixture for sexual gratification on at least two occasions.

Police have found no evidence that other employees were aware of Sharp’s actions.

“The alleged actions of the former franchised employee are abhorrent and unacceptable. We have taken immediate action with the franchise group who terminated the former employee and is fully cooperating with the authorities in their investigation,” an Arby’s spokesman revealed, according to The News Tribune.

Sharp has been charged with four counts of possession of depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct and four counts of dealing depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct and assault according to Newsweek.