Police Arrest Mom For Allegedly Murdering 6-Year-Old Son After They Find Child’s Body In Trunk Of Car

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/Public-User: WCCO - CBS Minnesota

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A mother was arrested for allegedly murdering her six-year-old son after police discovered the boy’s body in the trunk of a car, CBS Minnesota reported Saturday.

Julissa Thaler was arrested for allegedly murdering her son, Eli Hart, after police discovered the child’s body during a traffic stop Friday, CBS Minnesota reported. Police responded after they were alerted about a suspicious vehicle driving on its rim with a broken rear window, according to the outlet. Authorities were speaking with Thaler, who was driving a Chevy Impala, when they noticed blood inside the vehicle and conducted a search, the New York Post reported.

Another person was also arrested in connection to the case at an apartment complex, though the individual’s identity was not disclosed, according to CBS Minnesota.

Thaler was awarded full custody of her son 10 days before his body was discovered, despite a variety of complaints about her alleged mental health and drug problems, the New York Post reported. The complaints were reportedly made by the child’s father, Tory Hart. In addition, court documents indicated that Thaler found herself in trouble with the law for allegedly speeding or using a phone while driving and for allegedly stealing pharmaceuticals, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Missing Mom Found Dead In Trunk Of Her Car After Neighbors Complain Of Foul Odor)

Thaler also thwarted Hart’s efforts to have a relationship with their son, Eli’s one-time foster mom alleged, according to the New York Post.

Josie Josephson, Eli’s father’s fiance, reacted to the news of the child’s death.

“No matter how many cries we cried, they ignored us. No matter how many warning signs there were,” Josephson told FOX 9. “Not only did we express concerns to multiple people, multiple times…every time the response was, ‘This is something for family courts.’ Child Protective Services said laws do not allow us to address this, unless [they] see physical abuse, [they] have no grounds to remove him from her home.”

The two suspects arrested in connection to the alleged murder are expected to be charged in the next few days, according to CBS Minnesota.