NBA Hall Of Famer James Worthy Gets Brutally Honest About Modern NBA Players

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NBA Hall of Famer James Worthy got brutally honest about players that are in the NBA today.

In an interview Wednesday on the Stoney & Jansen Show, the Lakers legend was asked about the current state of the NBA and said, “guys are coming to the NBA that are not fundamentally sound, you know? So, all they do is practice threes, lift weights, get tattoos, and tweet and go on social media. That’s it.”

Worthy went on and said, “it’s a lot of ISO and looking for mismatches. Bill Russell told me one time, they had five options off of one play. And, you don’t see that anymore.”

The three-time NBA champion spoke the truth. In Wednesday’s crucial game five of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics, the teams attempted a whopping 78 three-pointers combined. They only made just 17 shots from behind the three-point arc, which equals a lousy 22% in shooting success.

The three-point shot being taken on a regular basis makes for ugly basketball at times, as seen in last night’s game. (RELATED: Marco Rubio Hammers The NBA For ‘Politicizing’ Texas School Massacre While Remaining Silent On China)

Even the declared “greatest shooter of all-time,” Steph Curry,  told fans back in February on the Knuckle Heads podcast to “stop tagging me in all these horrible basketball clips with people taking bad shots, telling me I ruined the game.”

The game is totally different today from when Worthy played in the 1980s and ’90s.

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